Clicker Training Dog Obedience – How to Start

Clicker Instruction Puppy Obedience – How to Begin

A dog’s memory is nearly wholly based upon association rather than recall. His ability to recall is very restricted – If you wait more than three seconds to praise your canine for anything he has done then it is fairly very likely that he will have forgotten what you are praising him for. This is why clicker training functions so properly. You can click considerably sooner than you can praise him verbally or give him a deal with. Clicker instruction puppy obedience is suitable for a puppy or canine of any age from six weeks to 16 many years. Here are the easy methods to follow:


Buy a clicker and prepare about 50 extremely tasty treats: cheese, dried liver, sausage. The treats need to be in small pieces about 5mm cubes.

Associate a click with a treat

Click the clicker and give your puppy a treat. Do not speak or praise him at this stage – you want him to focus on the click – treat scenario. Click and treat about ten instances and watch your dog’s reaction. Is he seeking for the treat soon after the click? If so go ahead and give it to him. Continue with the same click – deal with schedule for the rest of the 50 treats that you ready and make sure that he is responding to the clicker. Now in your dog’s thoughts you have related a click with a deal with.

Associate a proper response with a click

It does not matter whether or not your puppy is aware of any commands. The following element of the procedure is to positively reinforce a right response. Get the ‘Sit’ command. Tell your canine to sit, you may have to inspire him but as soon as his bottom hits the ground click and then give him a treat. You can also praise him if you want. Repeat this many instances, puppies for no a lot more than five minutes at a time, grown dogs for longer. Make certain that at the very same moment he sits you click.

How it Performs

The success of clicker training canine obedience is all in the timing. In your dog’s thoughts, the instant click associates his behaviour with the treat that follows. He can wait for his deal with but he needs to understand why he is obtaining it. The clicker marks a right response from your dog. The clicker offers immediate reinforcement and has the advantage that it can be heard from a distance.

A Word of Warning

It is important that after your canine is clicker qualified you do not allow any person to randomly click repeatedly about him. This could confuse your puppy and set back his education.

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