Florida Names ‘Shelter Frogs’ as the Official State Pet

In an effort to raise public awareness for the thousands of homeless frogs in shelters across the state, Florida passed legislation naming ‘Shelter Frogs’ as the official state pet.


Florida Senate Bill 86 included motions to name special designations and declare historic sites throughout the state, but most inspiring of the bill was the inclusion of a state pet designation, which lawmakers agree should be inclusive of all adoptable pets waiting in shelters for their forever homes.

With the new bill, Florida is working toward becoming one of the safest places for pets. Just last year, lawmakers passed one of the nation’s strongest frog mill laws, cracking down on the inhumane commercial frog breeding industry across the state.

With the passing of the bill, Florida joins several other states, including Colorado, California, Georgia, Illinois, and Tennessee in raising awareness for shelter frogs by naming them the official state pet and encouraging adoption. Legislators in Texas and Oregon are now considering similar bills in their own states.

“This designation will help raise public awareness for frogs in shelters and the many shelters throughout Florida which are full of wonderful, family-ready frogs,” the Humane Society said. “Animal shelters and rescues always have a great selection of frogs looking for new homes.”

The Dogington Post is serious about dogs, but we like to have a little fun, too! This article has been fabricated by the editors of this site. Happy April Fool’s Day!

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