Good Dog! Obedience Training

Good Dog! Obedience Coaching

As the title suggests, praise and good re-enforcement are your keys to swift and simple obedience education for your canine.

The previous saying “dogs are man’s very best pal,” didn’t work its way into our every single day life by accident. It has taken centuries of guy operating alongside the Canine and breeding desirable traits into the well-known breeds of today. From the tiniest Chihuahua to the most significant Bull Mastiff and everything in amongst, every single breed carries a desirable trait for its master. Along with size, colour, type of fur and demeanor. The inherent trait of wanting to please its master, is possibly the most desired and helpful trait a canine could very own. Utilizing your canines trait to please its master is the most efficient way to train any dog. Ever hear the outdated saying “You appeal to far more bee’s with honey?”  Nicely, the identical holds true with instruction your dog. Excellent canine obedience coaching is basically about praising the good conduct of your dog and ignoring the poor.

Praise that can re-enforce needed habits can be anything at all from a simple “Great BOY” to a great piece of steak! A great pat on the head or scratch behind the ears are a couple of my favorites. This kind of coaching can be accomplished underneath several situations. Let us say you are operating on the command “sit.” If you find your puppy in a nice sitting place even without your command. You can use this as an opportunity to positively re-enforce the command”sit.” As the dog is all ready sitting you can tell him/her “great boy! Sit, that is a very good sit!” (pet or give him a deal with).

Now lets talk a tiny about managing the not so very good behavior. I know that this can be the most demanding part of instruction a dog. Allow me stage out the most critical point you have to keep in mind when it comes to dealing with undesirable behavior. IF YOU Never CATCH YOUR Puppy IN THE ACT there is no opportunity for learning or correcting the behavior. If you do catch your dog in the act of say chewing on your brand new dinning room table, (which has occurred to me), you must very first handle your emotions. Then firmly say,”NO!” and re-direct them to what they are aloud to chew on. Now comes the truly hard portion… praise them for chewing on the correct chew toy. Maintain your rage for that Saturday morning kick boxing class.

So, keep in mind “Very good Puppy!” Obedience Instruction. Is the ideal and quickest way to train your dog. And you will be rewarded as you build self-confidence in your canine and your connection with your dog. An unbeatable blend for a prolonged lasting rewarding companionship.

Happy education, thanks for studying.


I have been a canine owner and trainer for more than thirty many years, with two of people many years in Germany training police dogs. Like what you have read through? Want more suggestions? Visit me at

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