How WHEELY took care of a DOG, but it Turned out to be a THIEF DOGS! PlayLand Cars Series 72

How WHEELY took care of a DOG, but it Turned out to be a THIEF DOGS! PlayLand Cars Series 72r
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Car Wheely has got a special task-go to the market to buy bread. Car from car cartoons was so excited about this adventure. Driving through the beautiful house, Wheely suddenly stopped. Ms. Ally asked him to coming. She explained that her dog hate being along, and asked Wheely to stay and play with her. It was interesting for little car from car cartoon, so he agreed. Car Wheely and Jessie become new friends. The played and had fun together. When three hours passed, Wheely remembered, that mom is waiting for bread. So, he left Jessie and went to the shop. But dog get out the house and followed car. Wheely get her back. But just he get to the shop, Jessie was waiting him at the street. And it was three times, when Wheely got Jessie back to the house. What a weird adventure! Finally Wheely took bread to home. But when he goes back to Ms. Allys house, three angry cars were waiting for him. They yelled at poor Wheely, that he kidnapped their dogs! Friends, want to know how Wheely returned dogs to their cars-owner? Watch in car cartoon!r
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