Stomach fat weed bust: Florida man doesn’t know how to hide drugs from dogs

Volusia County Police busted Christopher Mitchell, also known as ‘Fat Boy’ and ‘Biggie’, with 23 grams of marijuana hidden in his stomach fat near Osteen, Florida on Friday.

While patrolling Highway 415 Deputy Cody Cochran spotted the 450 pounder without his seatbelt on. Cochran pulled over the vehicle driven which was being driven by Keithian Roberts.

When the deputy asked if they had any illegal drugs or weapons in the car, Roberts told him that he had a handgun in his center console. Roberts record came up clean when the deputy ran ID checks, but Mitchell’s cocaine trafficking charge from in 2002 sparked suspicion.

Another officer arrived with a drug dog which then provided officers with probable cause to search the vehicle.

During the search, officers recovered the handgun, found a gram of cocaine, scored $7,000 cash hidden in a tube sock, and noticed a little shake on the passenger side floorboard.

Cochran conducted a search of the men and found 23 grams of weed on Biggie … sandwiched into the rolls of his stomach fat. Roberts took the cocaine charge and Mitchell was cited for the marijuana as well as the seat belt violation.


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