STUDY: 52% of Dog Owners Admit to Distracted Driving with their Dogs

We always are looking to spend time with our best friends, and by best friends I mean our furry friends. The one key thing is we don’t want our best friends or ourselves injured due to avoidable situations! Sometimes our furry friends can be distracting while driving.

distracted driving

In fact, according to CarRentals data study on pet parents’ driving habits, 52% of pet owners admit to reaching back to pet their dog while driving, taking their eyes off the road and putting their pet and themselves in danger.

By acknowledging the dangers of distracted driving with your pet, we can decrease the likelihood of a tragic situation occurring. To decrease distractions, restraining your pet by buckling them up helps decrease distractions such as a pet climbing into the front seat or even the drivers lap!

Check out the rest of the study on dog parents’ driving habits or see below on how to safely drive with your best friend.

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Driving safely with your dog

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