The Benefits of Crystal Healing For Dogs

Many of us know of the benefits of crystal healing in humans. In fact, crystal healing has become increasingly popular due its natural healing effects.  

As holistic
and natural approaches to healing have become preferable today, most of us are
looking to alternative, natural healing methods and crystals are another source
to offer such benefits.

crystal healing

What is crystal healing?

Crystals are
known to help radiate positive energy to a specific source.  There are many different types of crystals,
each having a specific healing ability for the body, mind and soul. Crystals
are known to promote good, positive energy and get rid of the negative energy
of a person’s mind and body which can then aid to create both physical and emotional

have been around for thousands of years and are known as an ancient type of
medicine that were founded from philosophies borrowed from Buddhism and

The best and most important benefits of crystals, however, can only be accomplished by having an open mind to the energy source they might create. If you are skeptical, it is thought that the negative energy will reduce the positive effects of the specific crystals.

Can crystal healing help dogs?

healing is not only beneficial to humans, but the principles and healing powers
can also be applied to dogs.

Crystals for dogs are especially effective for rescues that tend to be more fearful and stressed. The crystals help to calm and relax scared or untrusting pups. 

Many dog
owners have seen their dogs become more relaxed, friendlier and even more open
to training by merely either wearing crystals or having them in their home.

By placing
crystals in your home, it can help both you and your dog to reduce stress,
fear, energize your dog’s body, balance his emotions and even clear some

How can you use crystals for dogs?

There are many ways to use crystals for dogs. You can see if your dog will wear the crystal and attach it to his or her collar.

You can also
place a crystal or stone on or near your dog’s crate, under your dog’s bed or
even on a sunny window sill. 

Another method is to see which crystal your dog prefers by placing several different types of crystals on the floor and let your dog investigate. See which crystal your dog favors and then use that crystal for your dog’s healing.

You can tell
if your dog is having a positive reaction to the crystal if your pup becomes
more relaxed and calmer.

Which crystals are best for your dog?

Your dog
needs to feel comfortable around the crystal and a healing practitioner can
help you decide which crystals might work best for your dogs.

crystal healing

Some of the
popular choices for dogs are the following:

Rose quartz crystals– helps to balance a dog’s emotions
and works well for fearful or nervous dogs who seem to be stressed or are alone
for much of the day. 

Amethyst crystals – best for dogs with health issues
such as any illness, skin condition, arthritis or any of the effects of old

Clear quartz crystals – helps with aggressive behavior and
excessive barking.

Each dog
will take to different crystals so you can see which one works best for your

If your dog
has a serious health condition, however, first consult your veterinarian for
their recommendation for treatment. 

The good
news is that if you want to see if your dog responds positively to crystals,
you can be assured that the crystals won’t have any negative or harmful effects
and hopefully many positive ones.

Lisa Fimberg is the founder of PetPav magazine, an on-line pet magazine for all things pet.   After selling PetPav, Lisa is now writing freelance articles for the pet space. When she isn’t sitting in front of her computer, she is running, hiking or visiting the local rescue groups.

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