Tips For Training Your Hamster

Ideas For Training Your Hamster

To make getting a pet hamster far more interesting, you may want to train her to do some tricks. Just like canines, cats, birds, and other animals, hamsters can also be taught to do specific factors. Training your hamster is effortless if you have patience.

Patience is very critical simply because for you to be in a position to train your hamster, she demands to be quite relaxed with you 1st. If you just brought your hamster property from the pet store, you may want to let her get accustomed to her new surroundings 1st.

On the 1st day, upon arriving from the keep, location her in the cage and depart her alone. Just go near the cage when you’re going to feed her and try to preserve some distance.

On the 2nd day, you can go close to the cage when in a while but don’t feed your hamster with your hand but, use a instrument to place her meals in the cage. The following day, feed your pet with your hand but maintain some distance away from the food to enable her to get employed to your presence.

Every day, progressively move a little closer until your hamster commences to believe in that she can take foods from your hand with no harm. As soon as you have tamed her, you may then handle your hamster.

Coaching your hamster is greatest while she is even now younger due to the fact at this age, they have a tendency to adapt more rapidly. Ages 4 to seven weeks is a great age to start off taming your hamster.

Also, give your hamster a name and even though you are taming her, use her title when you speak to her. This helps your hamster realize that you’re speaking to her.

As soon as you’ve begun coaching your hamster, prepare treats that you can reward your pet with when she has carried out, or attempted to do, what you ask of her. The treat does not have to be something fancy, just some thing that she likes, this kind of as a sunflower seed.

For instance, if you want to teach your hamster how to stand on her hind legs, hold the deal with above her head and let her attain for it. Present her that you enjoy what she did by providing her the deal with. Do this repeatedly till she understands that when you area your hand above her head, she needs to stand.

Educate your pet to do 1 trick at a time but do not overwhelm her. Soon after she has mastered the first one particular, then you can move on to the next.

You can train your hamster to do tricks this kind of as shaking hands, jumping and potty training. The final a single can be sometimes be challenging but it really is certainly attainable.

As pointed out earlier, patience is the key. Your pet just requirements a bit of time to get utilized to items, so assist her along by getting her do the trick until finally she turns into familiar with it.

You are now ready for training your hamster. With just a number of treats, an hour or so a day and a lot of patience, you are going to quickly have a wonder pet that will do what you ask of her.

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