Weatherman Keeps Getting Interrupted by Dog During At-Home Broadcast

When a St. Louis meteorologist broadcasting from home tried filming short teasers for the evening’s weather forecasts, his spunky dog, Maple had other plans—and the results are the hilarious break we all needed!

Each time KSDF 5 On Your Side Chief Meteorologist Scott Connell counted down to begin a segment, it’s like Maple thought the countdown was for her.

Connell posted the hilarious collection of outtakes to Facebook, adding, “Anybody else have a dog that really wants to be part of every experience? Working from home certainly has its challenges. Little Miss Maple apparently thought the squirrel in the backyard was worthy of my attention while trying to tape the tease for the late news Tuesday night. She’s just a little spunky for sure!”

Just try watching without laughing… impossible!

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